Hello everyone! My name is Jane Bailey and I decided to do a blog because it will be an easy place for people to go who are interested in the progress in my husband’s case as well as a place to go to put down my thoughts about being a prisoner’s wife. I’m sure not all my blogs will be about my husband or being a prisoner’s wife but let’s take this one blog at a time, shall we? For those who are not familiar with our documentary I will give you a little background. The Investigation Discovery channel did a documentary that aired in February 2010 called “Prison Wives”. My husband, Josh and I were one of the couples featured on the documentary. For those who have not seen our episode, they may be purchased at amazon or itunes for $1.99. There is also an umpcoming rerun on August 3, 2010 at 2:00pm on the ID channel. Please tune in and catch up as it may be a while before I can get all our information blogged on this site.  Stay tuned!